Automatic Dip Spin Centrifugal Coating Machine

The installation of Automatic Dip Spin Machines fulfilled the high concerns of Salt Spray Test resistance.。

Continuous Baking Oven

The latest model of Continuous Baking Oven operate efficiently and achieve good temperature uniformity. In addition, the equipment helps Aokay to provide a safe working environment with a better energy conservation.

Semi-Automatic Spray Painting Machine

Besides the Dip Spin Coating, the second coat can be added for customers’ needs.

Belt-Type Sandblasting Machine

Belt-Type Sandblasting Machine is for linking the pre-treatment & coating process to establish a consistent manufacture which brings out the stabilized quality of our products.

Rail Chain Hoist Type Shot Blasting Machine

Along with a better energy conservation, the cleanliness quality of jigs & centrifugal baskets is easy to be maintained.