Thickness Meter

Managed as per ISO 4042, a Thickness Meter is an essential quality assurance tool for non-destructive measurement of coating thickness on metallic surfaces to ensure the corrosion protection and other functional properties.

Torque Tension Machine

To determine performance characteristics of a sample component for either material qualification or failure analysis purposes of our products, the Torque Tension Machine is used as per FORD WZ 101, FORD WZ 102, & ISO 16047.

Salt Spray Tester

Aokay perform the salt spray test as per ASTM B117 for checking the corrosion resistance of our products finished with surface coatings.

Kesternich Tester

As per DIN 50018 2.0, the Kesternich test was developed to simulate the damaging effects and the corrosive influence of acid rain for both coatings and base materials.


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Inspection Method
Dimensional Measurement

Dimensional Measurement is included in the IQC before any surface treatments.

Drive-In Test / Withdrawal Resistance

The test is to determine the vertical withdrawal resistance performance of the structural self-tapping screws in wood which is mainly influenced by the wood density, screw diameter, effective screw length, and type of screw tip.

Solids Analysis

Paints are composed of binders, pigments, fillers, solvents and additives. The Solids Analysis is for verifying the corrosion protection pigments which are for retarding or inhibiting the corrosion reaction after baking, protectind the metal substrate against atmospheric corrosivity.